Glen Mulready

A Plan to Protect Consumers

Here for Oklahomans

Safeguard Consumers

Oklahomans want to know their insurance will always work and that their claims will be paid in a quick and fair manner. Oklahomans don’t want to worry about their insurance company being financially solvent or worry about what would happen should their insurance company leave the state.

As Insurance Commissioner, Glen will make certain Oklahoma’s insurance industry is stable, provides choices for consumers, and does so at a cost competitive with the rest of the nation.

Expand Insurance Options

Oklahomans want more choices when it comes to buying insurance. As a legislator, Glen authored legislation that resulted in more insurance companies offering service in the state and he will continue to work tirelessly to make certain consumers have even more options to choose from to provide their coverage.

Improve Our Business Climate

Oklahomans want government to be part of the solution, not the problem, when it comes to creating a business-friendly environment. Glen’s guiding principles will include a free-market approach that creates more competition and transparency within the industry. Glen also believes that states, not the federal government, are the best place for regulation of an industry to take place.

Combat Fraud

Oklahomans want the peace of mind that if tragedy occurs, their insurance company will deliver the coverage they have promised. Glen will work tirelessly to ensure that those selling insurance in the state are honest brokers.